Bell Park

Posted by Jessica Sawicz

July 27th 2012

The Greater City of Sudbury is also known as the City of Lakes for it contains 330 lakes within its limits, more than any other municipality in Canada.

Bell Park, Sudbury’s largest municipal park, lies along the western shores of Lake Ramsey. Centrally located within the city limits, Bell Park is bustling with people enjoying the summer sun.

The park is home to an amphitheatre, two gazebos, multiple beaches, a children’s park, and a snack bar which all run along side the Jim Gordon boardwalk. The boardwalk is a paved, wheelchair accessible, 2km Trans Canada trail, which runs from Science North to the Sudbury Canoe Club. It has become a favorite spot for joggers and dog walkers alike.

Sunbathers are spread out across the grass while children laugh and splash along the beaches. Couples sit on park benches in comfortable silence taking pleasure in the view.

The trail curves around the Lake, making it the ideal location for many festivals and events including The Dragon Boat Races, Summerfest and The Northern Lights Festival Boreal.

Tip: Bring a blanket, climb up on a rock overlooking the lake and take in the view of Laurentian University across the lake.

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