Cortina Boat Cruise

Posted by Jessica Sawicz

June 29th 2012

The Cortina Cruise ship is a fully enclosed, 70 passenger ship on Lake Ramsey. The boat offers 1-hour tours of the lake throughout the summer months of May to September.

Departing from a dock located at Science North, this 1-hour experience provides a unique view of the city well worth the small expense.

Enjoy the view of the many sailboats as they drift across the water. Watch as children on the beach jump up and wave you by. Sip a drink from the licensed bar as you marvel at the beautiful homes on the shoreline.

Children will equally have fun as they are invited to join the captain one at a time to steer the boat once it takes off. See your child’s eyes light up as they smile from ear to ear. Being the captain of a ship, even if only for a moment, is something they will never forget.

Tip: Private charters are also available, providing a unique and memorable date idea.

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