Onaping Falls

Posted by Jessica Sawicz

July 27th 2012

Onaping High Falls is a Sudbury must-see, whether you’re looking for an inexpensive family outing, a romantic date, or a quiet walk alone. This awe-inspiring sight is well worth the half hour drive NW of Sudbury down Hwy 144.

Also known to locals as High Falls or Onaping Falls, this breathtaking landscape of roaring waters cascades down a series of drops over 150 feet in length. The largest of which reaches a remarkable 46 meters.

Clean and under used compared to other summer attractions, the falls spectacular beauty, virtually unspoiled environment and multiple walking trails make it easy to find a quiet spot to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Pack a lunch, find a quiet spot, and just listen. Allow the sound of the crashing waves to wash over your thoughts, taking your troubles with them as the true power and strength of the water brings with it an indescribable sense of calm.

It is no surprise that the location has been a point of interest to many artists over the years, including the Group of 7 Painter A.Y. Jackson, whom the lookout was named after.

Tip: If at all possible be sure to visit the falls during the fall season, the sight of the leaves as they change colours is truly breathtaking. 

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