Wild Blueberries

Posted by Jessica Sawicz

June 29th 2012

Sudbury Blueberry'sOne of Sudbury’s best summer staples is the wild blueberry. The tasty fruit grows quite prominently throughout the region.  During the summer months, locals set up alongside the major highways and sell baskets of the fruit to enthusiastic tourists. Although the wild berry is abundant in the North, it is harder to come by in the South.

If you want to enjoy the true blueberry experience, grab a basket and head into the country. Take the kids; they’ll be sure to enjoy eating as many blueberries as they pick.

There are a large number of blueberry patches throughout the city. Finding one may seem overwhelming but there are many to chose from.  Many locals claim to know the best secret blueberry patch in town but refuse to divulge the location of such hidden spots.

In order to come across such a place, one often has to trek through the woods for miles, climb atop a beaver dam and jump through any other number of obstacles just to get there. The feeling of being the first to reach the perfect patch is unlike any other.

If you haven’t yet discovered your own secret spot and are looking to pick blueberries, Blueberry Hill is an ideal location. To get to Blueberry Hill take the trail from the parking lot of Carmichael Arena on Bancroft Drive.

The trail makes a gradual climb to a gazebo that provides a nice view of Minnow Lake as well as Ramsey Lake. The trail to the lookout site weaves through some of the most popular blueberry patches in the city.

If you’re looking for another way to enjoy the fruit without going to pick them yourself be sure to attend Sudbury’s Blueberry festival. There are activities the whole family can enjoy.  

Tip: When in the woods blueberry picking, it is important to be weary of bears and other animals. 

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