The Hour Glass Restaurant & Lounge
Catering to large and small groups a reservation makes that special time even smotther. With a private banquet facility they ca seat up to 30 guests. When you cann't be there yourself you can give that special someone a gigt certificate.


Tommy's Not Here
A Sudbury favourite, Tommyís Not Here is located at 1889 Regent St in Sudbury. With exceptional staff, fantastic food and a great atmosphere, itís easy to see why people are talking about it.


Vespa Panini Limited
Vespa Panini Turbo Kitchen is your fast take out food you can eat right away or take it home with you. They wii also cater your gathering if you need food. The flavours are classic and you will love the explosiveness of them.


Affordable Summer
Accommodations at 15 Ontario Locations, rooms starting at $69.95 + applicable taxes
Girl Greatness Starts Here! Register Today! Girl Guides Canada!!
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