Boston Pizza
Come join us at one of Canada’s fastest growing food chains. Founded in 1964 in Edmonton, Boston Pizza’s friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere is sure to make watching the game all the more enjoyable.


Crusty's Pizza
Crusty's Pizza is a locally owned and operated pizza joint serving Capreol with tasty pies and wings using fresh ingredients. Offering both delivery and take-out, Crusty's strives to be a home and a family to the community.


Domino's Pizza
Place your order online, call, have it delivered or pick it up yourself it's up to you.


Don's Pizzeria
Located at 707 Lorne St, Don’s Pizzeria makes delicious pizza and wings. Their crust is thin, crispy and cooked to perfection. They are also very generous with the toppings making it a good bang for your buck.


Little Caesars
Little Caesars is the largest carry out pizza chain in the world. They opened in 1959 in Michigan and are still proving there concept of a carry out was a good one. They were the first to have a 2-for 1 deal amoung others.


Mr. Tuesday's Pizza
With over 4 locations in Sudbury, Mr. Tuesdays Pizza has some of the finest pizza Sudbury has to offer. Come enjoy great pizza at great prices..


New Orleans Pizza
With over 70 thriving locations of New Orleans Pizza across Ontario, they make great food to be enjoyed during fun and happy times.


Pizza Joint
Pizza Joint, located at 1500 Paris St Sudbury, is a family owned business that takes pride in what they do. Due to their hard-work, Pizza Joint offers one of the best tasting pizzas in town. Try it today!


Pizza One
At Pizza One you can eat it there or you can take it home with you. The pizza will be delicious either way.


Pizza Pazzaz
Pizza Pazzaz offers online ordering and local delivery to the Val Caron area.


Affordable Summer
Accommodations at 15 Ontario Locations, rooms starting at $69.95 + applicable taxes
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